Sports Travel

Our dedicated Sports division, The Appointment Group (TAG) Global Sports provides a unique, all inclusive solution for Sports Teams, VIP guests and officials, Press and Media, Sponsor and Supporter groups.

Our services are based in central Manchester and include hotel, transport, guide, restaurant, venue and translation services. Working directly with our sports department will save you time and money, increasing your own operational efficiency and profit margins.

Team Travel and in-house services

Throughout our wide experience of team travel, we’ve encountered many of the unique demands and potential pitfalls that face sport teams and athletes when travelling. We operate our own in-house services that will be managed by your own individual tour manager, who will become an integral and trusted part of your own operational team. Services include:

  • Hotel planning, including: bedroom, dining, team room and medical room
  • Food and beverage management, including diet and staff briefing
  • Kit and equipment management
  • Transportation, including: team coach, kit vans and support vehicles
  • Training ground and competition preparation facilities
  • Foreign guide, translator and translation services
  • Budget Management

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VIP, Official Guests and Sponsors

At TAG Global Sports we understand that any overseas groups visiting, who are attending or are to be involved in a major sports competition, requires efficient and memorable tour planning on behalf of the clubs officials and VIP guests. We will take care to handle all arrangements to include suitable hotels, transportation and programmes for all guests to enjoy throughout their stay.

  • Hotel planning – Bedroom and dining and function room
  • Transportation – Luxury coaches, mini buses and chauffeur cars
  • Tours and Venue finding – Gala dinner, Receptions and Meeting venues
  • Leisure and partner programmes and tours
  • Foreign speaking guides, translator and translation services
  • Restaurant and venue planning
  • Police Security liaison

Press and Media

When organising a press or media trip, it is essential that the all parties involved are efficiently handled and that all of their specific requirements are catered for. The Appointment Group (TAG) DMC can look after all of the logistics of your trip, allowing you to focus on the job at hand. Our services include:

  • Hotel planning – Bedroom, dining and communication facilities
  • Transportation – VIP coaches, mini-buses and cars
  • Press conferences
  • Tours and leisure facilities
  • Restaurant and venue planning
  • Foreign speaking guides, translator and translation services
  • Stadium access and communication briefings
  • Police and security liaison


We can organise and oversee all aspects of supporter tours. This will include local hotels selection and reservations, transportation, tours, guides, translators, police and security liaison. We will operate in conjunction with local police and FA authorities in order to ensure efficiency and safety for all of our clients. We will make sure that the following aspects of your trip are fully looked after:

  • All transportation – Luxury coaches
  • Your Accommodation
  • Police and safety liaison for city centre supporter access and planning
  • Opportunities for tours and leisure programmes
  • Foreign language speaking guides and translation services