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Welcome to Manchester, the city that has been forever successful in weaving the threads of urban life into a progressive vision of ambitious development. A city proud of its heritage but not afraid to embrace the culture of tomorrow. A city not afraid to lead the way.

The city’s heritage comes from centuries of innovation, through the cutting-edge technological advances of the industrial revolution, to being at the forefront of the modern music revolution as well as the modern day achievements of its sportsmen and women. Manchester is continually recognised as the relocation city of choice, with no bigger example than the BBC. With the rejuvenation of the Salford area, comes the continuation of Manchester's rapid growth into one of the most influential cities in the world today. A city not afraid to take in all newcomers.

Whilst the achievements of Manchester's two most prolific football teams are known worldwide, other aspects of this great city are. Many will overlook its wide range of retail stores or its stores unique to Manchester alone. Many will also miss the cities impressive architecture and the hidden bars and clubs hidden within. Manchester has a venue for every occasion, from huge concerts at the Manchester Evening News Arena, to the more intimate gigs at venues such as the Band on the Wall. A city not afraid to express itself.

DMC services

The Appointment Group (TAG) DMC realises that besides all the entertainment Manchester has to offer, business is of the essence as well. The city regards itself as the city of ‘firsts’ and it can certainly cater for all circumstances. We can produce and organise your meetings, your seminars or your conferences, ensuring all of your professional needs are met.

Manchester boasts a very convenient location, only 2 hours away by train from London and accessible from all parts of the British Isles. With numerous different venues, we'll be sure to find the perfect place for you. A city not afraid to speak out.

TAG’s business philosophy fits in with the unique qualities of this city. We strive to cut out the corporate jargon, listen to your specific needs and fulfil them with our experience and expertise.

Welcome to Manchester.

A city not afraid to listen to you.